ProductTechurate BankOn ™

Techurate BankON ™ combines, rich functionality, low price and high performance systems and is complemented with professional support maintenance and other relevant services provided by a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals. BankON being a digital banking model is defined by key fundamental values

  • Customer-centric Online banking with a complete 360° view
  • Every aspect of the model is driven by data driven insights.
  • Customers convenience and usability being focal point of the model. Template driven page designs that allows tailoring of the screens to closely match Bank’s corporate theme.
  • A significant degree of automation across processes, applications and channels to ensure a consistent customer experience.
  • Security as critical component of the solution.
  • Enables faster investment monetization through rapid time-to-market.
  • Provides a compelling experience to the end customer, and for banks, a low cost of ownership and a secure low-risk investment

List of Features:

  1. Online Onboarding
  2. Customer Profile Management
  3. Dashboard Reports
  4. Funds Transfer
  5. Enquiry
  6. Services
  7. Security
  8. Bill Payments
  9. Bulk Payments
  10. Trade Finance
  11. Promotions & Offers
  12. Suggestion and Complaints