ProductTechurate SEA ™

Techurate’s SEA is the best in class solution for Banking and Financial institutions which is aimed at empowering a business to turn itself into a data-driven organization and effectively use analytics in all aspects of its decision making. SEA can integrate in-house and third-party tools, models, services which helps to adapt and analyze an extensive variety of data signals to deliver introspective and prospective business value.

Data from various systems are processed into information and stored in Data Warehouse. The information from these systems is then presented in multiple formats like dashboards, scorecards which facilitates swift decision making and monitoring.

Techurate’s Smart Enterprise Analytics (SEA) consists of various modules of Analytical Solutions like:

  • Performance Analytics
  • Card Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • Loan Analytics
  • Customer Sales Analytics
  • Plans and Forecasts
  • Deposit Analytics
  • Trade Finance Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
  • HRM Analytics
  • Project Analytics