ProductTechurate Recons ™

Techurate Recons ™ helps Banks & Financial Institutions to automate reconciliation across delivery channels, reduce operational Cost and manage risks.

It simplifies the complexity of reconciling transactions between various files such as Switch, host, ATM EJ Files, GL Reports, Loan Reports, Interest Accounts, Nostro Accounts. Also, it improves operational efficiency and reduces cycle times.

Through auto matching and Straight through processing, Techurate Recons reduces manual data processing that is prone to human error.

Key features of Reconciliation suite are:

  • Flexible and high performance reconciliation platform
  • Automated Scheduling of reconciliation activity
  • Supports multiple delivery channels
  • Inbuilt interfaces
  • Force match option to manually settle un-reconciled items
  • User defined rules
  • Dynamic menu generation and user friendly interfaces
  • Dual authentication with Role based permissions
  • Integrated Application to cater to the entire gamut of reconciliation services.